You will now be able to visit the site where Julius Caesar was killed!


You will now be able to visit the site where Julius Caesar was killed!

As per the latest development, history buffs will now be able to enjoy a stroll close to the place where legendary Julius Caesar met his bloody end. If reports are to go by, authorities in Rome will be opening a new walkway on the ancient site from today.

If we go by the accounts of William Shakespeare from his popular play, named after Caesar , the Roman dictator was stabbed to death by a group of aggrieved senators on the Ides of March – 15 March – in 44 BC.

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It is believed that Caesar lost his life in the capital’s central Largo Argentina square, which also serves as home to the remains of four temples. The ruins are all below street level and up until recently, which could only be viewed from behind barriers close to a busy road junction.

However, visitors will now be able to explore the site at ground level on the walkway and see the structures up close.

Reports add that the work was funded by the Italian fashion house Bulgari, at a site that was first discovered and excavated during building work in Rome in the 1920s.

The area, which is close to where Caesar, as per Shakespeare, exclaimed “Et tu, Brute?” as he saw his friend Brutus among his murderers. He was killed not long after his lifetime appointment as dictator of Rome.

The temples, which were built to commemorate the Roman Republic’s victories over its enemies, and theatre were rediscovered in 1927 when the colossal head and arms of a marble statue were found during works to rebuild parts of Rome. The site is also known for being home to dozens of stray cats.

So, the tourists will share the ruins with stray cats, who have been at the site since it was first rediscovered. In fact, the cats also make for an attraction here.

All non-residents will have to pay €5 to visit this place.


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