Scam 2003 - The Telgi Story was released on September 1.

Hansal Mehta, the creator of the blockbuster web series Scam 1992, is the creative director of the second instalment of the Scam franchise.

Based on Sanjay Singh's Telgi Scam: Reporter's ki Diary, the web series will stream on SonyLIV.

Let’s find out who Abdul Karim Telgi, whom the story is based on, was.

Telgi, a name that reverberates with notoriety in India

was a mastermind behind one of the country's most infamous counterfeiting scandals.

Born in 1961, Telgi's life was a blend of ambition, ingenuity and criminality

culminating in a counterfeit empire that shook the nation's financial institutions.

Telgi's early life was marked by hardship. His father, an Indian Railways employee, passed away when Telgi was young