MULTAN- Amidst the cultural richness of South Punjab, a grand fusion of cricket and heritage is set to unfold as the region eagerly

prepares to host the Nepali Cricket Team for a superb opening match in the Asia Cup on August 30.

Taking center stage is none other than the Multan

Cricket Stadium, a sporting masterpiece that stands as a tribute to the region’s deep-seated passion

With a seating capacity fit for 30,000 eager fans, Multan Cricket Stadium has become the focal point of anticipation

Surpassing all expectations, over 25,000 tickets have already been claimed

However, this tremendous demand also highlights a pressing issue: a large number of people are unable

the Pakistan Cricket Board should consider enhancing the number of seats in the Stadium.

The stadium’s stands are poised to become a sea of vibrant colors, as families and fans alike make meticulous preparations to witness the match