The interesting case of 1000-year old citadel rising out of Atlantic Ocean


The interesting case of 1000-year old citadel rising out of Atlantic Ocean

Exactly 1,000 years ago this month, a magnificent island building that was built off the coast of France has now risen improbably from the choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The medieval abbey atop Mont Saint-Michel, was a brilliant creation that has played crucial roles in French history over the centuries.

It’s one of France’s most popular tourist attractions outside of Paris. At times it so happens that this place lures tons of visitors and to such a degree that its custodians need to urge people to stay away.

The gothic Mont saint-Michel rises out of a bay flanked by the regions of Normandy and Brittany, and towers over its village and thick fortress walls.

It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. An interesting thing to note here is that when the tide rolls in, the Mont emerges out of the water like a French Atlantis, an architectural wonder set in a beautiful natural landscape.

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The abbey, which lies off the coast of France’s Normandy region, west of Paris, has pulled in legions of pilgrims over the centuries. If reports are to go by, it attracts 1.3 million tourists each year.

Referring to this, French President Emmanuel Macron added that in the span of 1,000 years, its silhouette has become an emblem of French universalism, and that Its abbey, the symbol of what they are: a people of builders.

To celebrate the abbey’s birthday, the Mont will be hosting conferences, concerts, and a visual show called the Millennium Solstice on June 23, which will also feature an unprecedented light show.

All those keen to learn more about this place, can visit this place to enjoy an exhibition about its history and architecture until November 2023.


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