The History of Kurukshetra: Why It’s Famous and Places You Must Visit 2023

The History of Kurukshetra: Why It’s Famous and Places You Must Visit 2023

Kurukshetra, a city steeped in history and legend, has captured the imagination of countless individuals for centuries. From the epic battle of the Mahabharata to its sacred pilgrimage sites, this ancient city in northern India holds a unique place in our cultural and historical heritage. In this article, we will delve into the history of Kurukshetra, exploring why it is famous and uncovering the must-visit places that make this city a captivating destination.


A Glimpse into Kurukshetra’s Past

The Mahabharata: The Epic Battle

Kurukshetra’s fame primarily rests on its association with the epic Indian mythological text, the Mahabharata. According to this ancient narrative, the great war of Kurukshetra was fought on these very grounds. The war pitted the Pandavas, led by Arjuna, against the Kauravas, led by Duryodhana, for control of the kingdom. The profound teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna, encapsulated in the Bhagavad Gita, also took place here.

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The Evolution of Kurukshetra

Over the centuries, Kurukshetra has witnessed various dynasties and rulers. From the Mauryas to the Mughals, each dynasty has left an indelible mark on the city’s culture and architecture. The city’s strategic location along trade routes contributed to its growth and development.

Must-Visit Places in Kurukshetra

Why Kurukshetra was chosen for Mahabharata war? - Tale Guru

1. Brahma Sarovar

Kurukshetra is renowned for its sacred tanks, and the Brahma Sarovar is one of the largest among them. According to Hindu belief, taking a dip in its holy waters during a solar eclipse holds immense spiritual significance.

2. Jyotisar

Jyotisar is believed to be the spot where Lord Krishna delivered the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. The place is marked by a majestic banyan tree under which Lord Krishna is said to have spoken his divine wisdom.

3. Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre

For those interested in the history and culture of Kurukshetra, the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre offers a fascinating journey through the city’s past. It features lifelike dioramas and multimedia exhibits that bring the Mahabharata to life.

4. Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple is believed to be where Pandavas sought blessings before the great battle. The temple’s architecture and serene surroundings make it a must-visit.

5. Bhadrakali Temple

This temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali is a significant religious site in Kurukshetra. Its stunning architecture and spiritual ambiance draw devotees and tourists alike.

6. Kurukshetra University

The Kurukshetra University campus is not only known for its educational excellence but also for its sprawling greenery and picturesque setting.

7. Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb

The tomb of the famous Sufi saint, Sheikh Chilli, is a peaceful and historically rich site. It provides a glimpse into the syncretic culture of the region.

8. Kurukshetra Tank Museum

For history enthusiasts, the Tank Museum in Kurukshetra showcases a remarkable collection of armored vehicles, providing insight into India’s military history.

9. Birla Mandir

Situated on a hillock, the Birla Mandir offers panoramic views of Kurukshetra. It’s an architectural marvel and a serene spot for reflection.

10. Kurukshetra Art and Craft Fair

If you’re visiting Kurukshetra during November, don’t miss the annual Art and Craft Fair. It’s a vibrant celebration of local artistry and culture.


Kurukshetra, with its rich history and spiritual significance, is not just a city but a tapestry of stories, myths, and legends. From the epic battle of the Mahabharata to its sacred sites and cultural treasures, Kurukshetra offers a unique blend of history and spirituality. So, if you’re looking to explore the roots of Indian civilization and immerse yourself in its cultural heritage, Kurukshetra should undoubtedly be on your travel itinerary.


1. What is the significance of Kurukshetra in Hindu mythology?

Kurukshetra is renowned for being the battlefield of the epic Mahabharata and the place where Lord Krishna delivered the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.

2. Are there any accommodation options in Kurukshetra for tourists?

Yes, Kurukshetra offers a range of accommodation options, from budget hotels to luxury resorts, to cater to the needs of tourists.

3. Can I visit Kurukshetra year-round, or is there a specific time to plan my trip?

While Kurukshetra can be visited throughout the year, the winter months, from October to March, offer the most pleasant weather for tourists.

4. Is photography allowed at the historical and religious sites in Kurukshetra?

Photography is generally allowed at most sites in Kurukshetra, but it’s advisable to check with local authorities and respect any restrictions at religious sites.

5. How can I reach Kurukshetra from major cities in India?

Kurukshetra is well-connected by road and rail. It has its own railway station, and buses and taxis are readily available for transportation from nearby cities.

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