India’s first hydrogen train likely to run from Haryana’s Jind by 2024


India’s first hydrogen train likely to run from Haryana’s Jind by 2024

Come 2024, India will have its own hydrogen train running on the tracks. Indian Railways’ much-anticipated hydrogen train will depart from Jind in Haryana by next year. The happy news was announced by Shobhan Chaudhry, General manager of Northern Railway (GM), during her visit to Haryana’s Jind district.

Let’s know more about India’s first hydrogen train:

1) Hydrogen trains basically run on hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells combine oxygen and hydrogen to create electricity which drives the motors of the train. Also, hydrogen is a sustainable fuel.

2) It will be India’s first hydrogen train.

3) The first prototype of the train will have eight bogies.

4) The first hydrogen fuel-powered train will run between Jind and Sonipat.

5) Hydrogen trains are environmentally beneficial as compared to traditional diesel trains as they do not emit dangerous pollutants like nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

6) As per officials, hydrogen trains are running only in Germany.


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