Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department issues guidelines for safety of general public amid incessant rainfall


Amid the incessant rainfall in the state Himachal Pradesh Tourism Chief RS Bali issued guidelines assuring the safety of the tourists and the general public. The Chief of the Tourism Development Board and Tourism Corporation of Himachal Pradesh RS Bali stated that the weather condition was not something to panic about in the state since all the daily workings in the state had not been disrupted.

Himachal Pradesh Tourism Chief RS Bali issued guidelines assuring the safety of the tourists and the general public.(Pexels)
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Chief RS Bali issued guidelines assuring the safety of the tourists and the general public.(Pexels)

“It is not a panic condition in our state, our schools, colleges, and offices are working. There is nothing which has stopped away the daily working of the state,” said the Chief of the Tourism Development Board. (Also Read | Multigenerational travel: Planning trips that cater to needs of all age groups)

Bali further added that the Tourism Department feels a certain responsibility to issue directions to the people visiting the state and that there are certain advisories that the people of the state and the tourists must take into account.

Visitors are advised to drive carefully and keep the location of their mobile phones switched on in case they get stuck due to the rainfall. If visitors are planning on any trekking expeditions, it is advised to start the expedition with an expert guide, stated the Chief of the HP Tourism Department.

Bali also informed that no national or state highways were closed due to the rainfall and that all the roads were opened in the state.

“All the roads are opened in the state. And people are moving freely across Himachal Pradesh,” said the Chief of the HP Tourism Department.

Bali also appealed to the people of the state to follow all the issued advisories and directed the tourists to register themselves with the state authorities so as to initiate contact in case they get stuck or lost while trekking.

“As the head of the tourism department, I feel obligated to urge people to heed the warnings and invite them to enjoy the rain, fog, and mist. Those travelling from outside the state,” he said

I would ask visitors to register with the authorities so that we can get in touch with them if they go hiking or off-roading in the area. All of the roads here are open, with the exception of a few rural ones. Because of these reports, there is panic and all of the HPTDC hotels are sold out, he added further.

Adding further Bali said, “If you compare Himachal Pradesh to any other state, it is the top hill destination in the nation. It is safe and serene without being particularly beautiful. I believe tourists have been coming here and they will keep coming, “The Indian meteorological department has forecasted rain in most parts of the state during the next three to four days.

Speaking about the rainfall in the state, a tourist from Sonipat Ashu said, “I came from Punjab and wanted to visit Manali but I got to know that due to the heavy rain roads are closed and people are getting stuck. So now I don’t wish to go to Manali and I will return home from Shimla only as it is still raining in the region.”

Another tourist from Punjab said that they had planned a five-day tour but due to the bad weather conditions in the state, they cancelled their trip to Manali.

“We had planned a five-day tour. We wanted to go to Kullu-Manali but due to the bad weather and landslide, we are cancelling to go to Manali and will return back from Shimla. We got to know that roads are not good and there have been incidents of cloudburst so we shall not move further and we shall go back from here,” said Ashu Khatri, a touristSpeaking about the weather in the state, a travel agent said that the bookings in the hilly region were being cancelled due to the landslides and bad weather conditions.

“It has been raining heavily in the state for two or three days. The bookings are being cancelled as the tourists don’t want to come here due to landslides and rain the roads are also getting closed. People are also in a state of fear. People involved in the taxi business are also not getting good business in Shimla, these days there is only 40 per cent occupancy of hotels. We hope tourists will continue to come ” said Bilal Sheikh, a local travel agent. As per the officials, the guidelines of the tourism department advised the tourists to be safe and enjoy the beauty of the hills.

“Tourists should strictly follow guided trek routes. While traffic congestion may eventually clear, the primary concern lies with tourists venturing onto unguided trek routes,” they said.

They also added that the tourists must ensure that the GPS function on their mobile phones is enabled at all times, allowing their location to be tracked throughout their journey.

It is advisable to avoid driving in conditions of mist, rain, and fog. Tourists should make the most of their stay and travel experiences in the hills while also showing respect for the mountains’ sacredness, they further said.

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text.


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