Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan City in Mexican jungle


Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan City in Mexican jungle

As per a latest discovery, archaeologists exploring the deep jungles of Mexico have uncovered the remains of a previously unknown ancient Mayan city.

As per the reports, a team from the Archeology Council of the National Institute of Anthropology and History discovered the city, which they named Ocomtun, meaning ‘stone column’ in the Yucatec Maya language. They uncovered this while searching a less-explored stretch of the Balamku ecological reserve on the country’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Reports have it that the scientists discovered stone columns, huge pyramid-like buildings, three plazas with imposing buildings, whereas there were other structures that were arranged in almost-concentric circles, and scattered across the 2100-year-old ancient settlement.

Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan City in Mexican jungle

Revealing more on this, the team lead by Archaeologist Ivan Šprajc added that the biggest surprise turned out to be the site located on a ‘peninsula’ on high ground, surrounded by extensive wetlands. He further added that its monumental nucleus covers more than 50 hectares and has various large buildings, including several pyramidal structures over 15 metres high.

The site is believed to have been an important centre of previous inhabitants dating back to thousands of years.

The team also found numerous stone columns littered throughout the area, which might have likely served as part of the entrances to the upper rooms of the buildings.

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Then the city had central altars in an area near the La Triguena river, which as per the scientists, may have been designed for community rituals, which the Mayans practised. But, only time and future research will shed more light on this monumental discovery.


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