Robin Roberts and Amber Laign have become quite the buzzwords in 2023, as everyone seems to be asking: “when is Robin and Amber getting married?”

The highly-anticipated answer: This September.

The couple, who have been together for a noteworthy 18 years, are now looking forward to their wedding with immense excitement

Following an 18-year love story, this couple’s journey from a blind date in 2005 to their upcoming 2023 wedding has kept fans and media enthralled.

The pair’s decision to tie the knot has been eagerly awaited by many

with each passing day, the excitement only escalates.

Robin Roberts, the beloved anchor of “Good Morning America”, took to the airwaves earlier this year

openly sharing her heartwarming decision of saying “yes to marriage” after 17 long years with Amber.

Every word, every reflection, accentuates their deep bond and the love they share.