1. Lion Country Safari

Located 78 miles from Miami, this beautiful Lion Safari invites you to spend the day on this amazing safari with more than 1000 animals.

2. Everglades Safari Park

Everglades Safari park is famous for its large-sized airboats large enough to accommodate singles, couples and even big families.

3. Miami Photo Safari

Miami Photo Safari is a place which gives you a unique tour where sightseeing meets photography. The tours are designed to teach you the mechanics of digital photography while understanding the beautiful and cherished history of Miami.

4. Safari Edventure

Safari Edventure is the best place in Miami to be with the wild animals in their natural habitat amidst forest and greenery. Safari Edventure ensures a beautiful and memorable experience

5. Ocean Safari Diving Adventures

Ocean Safari diving adventures give you an ultimate experience of the ocean safari. As you visit a jungle safari and experience the wildlife in the same way you visit the Ocean Safari and experience the aquatic and marine life

6. J. N. Ding Darling

The J.N Darling National wildlife refuge is located on the subtropical barrier island of Sanibel in the Gulf of Mexico. It is the home for the hundreds of beautiful migratory birds

7. Merritt Island

The beautiful Safari in Merritt Island is located in USA and is a home for some of the most beautiful migratory birds in the world.

8. St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

This unique and beautiful safari was established in the year 1931 and is also a natural and wintering for the migratory birds.