1. Cellular Jail National Memorial

The dreadful word “Kaala Pani” that we’ve heard since our childhood actually referred to this place. Yes, it’s the former British prison that is now a shrine to the political dissidents it once jailed.

2. Radhanagar Beach

Famed for the white sand, breathtaking sunset, and turquoise blue waters, Radhanagar beach is amongst the most beautiful places to visit in Andaman

3. Havelock Island

Amongst the best Andaman tourist places, Havelock Island is like the Holy Grail of scuba diving and snorkeling! And it is also one of the most popular things to do in Andaman among travelers.

4. Mount Harriet And Madhuban

Trekking is another awesome thing to do in Andaman especially if you’re traveling with friends and this is amongst the best Andaman tourist places for adventure.

5. Museum Circuit

A museum tour is a great way of getting to know the history and culture of a place. And since these islands are soaked in history you’d find the museums to be a few unique places to visit in Andaman.

6. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Banana rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, rowboat paddling, speed boat rides, you name it and you got it here at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports complex.

7. North Bay Beach

On North Bay Beach you can walk under the sea and finally visit ‘Octopus’s Garden’! A colorful school of fishes, coral reefs

8. Seafood

Holidaying on a tropical island, if seafood isn’t on your priority list, you are missing out on super awesomeness!

9. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Covering an area of 280 sq km with 15 islands of mangrove creeks, tropical rainforest and reefs supporting 50 types of coral

10. Diglipur

Home to Andaman’s highest peak, the famous turtle nesting site, crocodile sanctuaries and a network of caves, Diglipur is the northern most town and a nature lover’s favourite place to visit in Andaman.