1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and explore the charm of its nineteenth century architecture.

Spanning from prehistory and covering all the way through the latest contemporary works, the museum flaunts a vast section of artistic charm under one roof.

2. The Met Breuer

New York art museum which was famously founded after taking over Whitney’s former home which was designed by Marcel Breuer and resides on Madison Avenue, since 2015.

Later it was renamed as the Met Breuer, as it is seen today in its present form, and it now showcases Met’s primary collection of modern and contemporary art.

3. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Talking about museums in New York and not talking about the famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in the Upper East Side is a sin of highest order.

In the collection there is Peggy Guggenheim’s Cubist art with some of the greatest Surrealist and Expressionist works.

4. American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is famous in United States because it is absolutely mind boggling.

5. Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum is the third largest museum in the five Boroughs. Another fact about this museum is that it is designed around the encyclopedic template

6. Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

If you steer towards the Midtown, you would come across the famous Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA). The place has grown way beyond the capacity of a museum and can accommodate an image of an arbitrator of modernity.

7. New Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum was founded in 1977 and since then grown from a single gallery space into a gigantic global dome for the art connoisseurs of the world.