1. Gethia, Nainital

Facilitator: Bindu Maira Venue: Two Chimneys Gethia Duration: 3 Days When to go: August Approximate Cost: INR 29,500/- Organizer: Bindu Maira

2. Kasauli

Facilitator: Dr Trupti Jayin Venue: Denisford Estate Duration: 2 Days When to go: 1st to 3rd May Approximate Cost: INR 23,500/- Organizer: Soul Centric 

3. Agra

Facilitator: Bindu Maira Venue: Taj Mahal Duration: 1 Day When to go: April Approximate Cost: INR 13,500/- Organizer: Wanderers

4. Dharamshala

Facilitator: Ma Deva Madita Venue: Osho Nisarga Duration: 7 Day When to go: 13 to 19 April Approximate Cost: INR 12,000/- Organizer: Osho Nisarga 

5. Bodh Gaya

Facilitator: SN Goenka Venue: Bodh Gaya International Vipassana Meditation Centre Duration: 10 Days When to go: It happens throughout the year Approximate Cost: Courses are run solely on donation basis Organizer: Bodhi Dhamma 

6. Himalaya

Facilitator: Various visiting Masters such as Leela and Frank, Chris James, visit this place Venue: Ananda Spa Duration: Depends on the course you opt for When to go: Throughout the year Approximate Cost: Depends on the course you opt for Organizer: Ananda 

Like Master Oogway said in “Kung Fu Panda”, “Your mind is like water, my friend. When it’s agitated, it get’s difficult to see but if you let it settle, the answer becomes clear.” So, it’s almost needless to say how important it is for us to get some physical as well as mental healing, from time to time. And India with it’s centuries of reputation in the field, have numerous places for tranquility, holistic healing and wellness.