This European island is aiming to become world’s first ‘phone-free’ tourist destination


This European island is aiming to become world's first ‘phone-free’ tourist destination

A beautiful tourist destination, situated off the coast of Finland, is encouraging visitors to put down their phones this summer in a move to become the world’s first phone-free island.

The said island is Ulko-Tammio, part of the Eastern Gulf national park. So, all those wishing to visit this island, will be asked to keep smart devices in their pockets and take a break from the so-called social media.

Instead, tourists will be encouraged to stop and genuinely enjoy the islands.

Joel Heino from Parks and Wildlife Finland stated that they will encourage visitors to put their phones away voluntarily, and for a change, focus their senses on nature rather than on their phones. He further added that this is a great initiative, which could be implemented in other nature and recreational destinations too.

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However, all those apprehensive about giving up their devices, should note that the ‘digital fasting’ is entirely voluntary, and that the island has a fully functioning mobile network.

Over the past few years, it has become a trend to share every moment of holidays in the social media, while the idle moments are also often devoted to mobile scrolling, thereby diminishing the thin line of connecting with people personally. The island wants to serve as an example to show that there are actual benefits from taking breaks from social media.

It is said that even a short digital fast can be useful and improve one’s well-being. So, if you are also up for this challenge and can’t visit this island any time soon, try it at home for some time.

Fnd for all those who fancy going off-grid on Ulko-Tammio, they can expect hiking trails, visit national parks, and witness plenty of wildlife. Visitors can also opt to stay overnight on the island either in a cabin or tents.


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